What Buddhists Believe


Altars, incense and candles
On eternal life

Buddhism teaches reincarnation.
Christianity teaches we each have only one life to live: "It is appointed unto all men ONCE to die, and after that the judgment." (Heb 9:27)

On the nature of man

Christianity teaches man is distinct from God, and people are distinct from each other. 
Eastern religions teach a "connectedness" of all living beings to each other. 

On the origin of man

Christianity teaches that God created man, and our existence is completely dependent on him. 
Buddhists believe in an "interdependent arising" - a dependence upon others.

On the means of salvation

Buddhist teaching agrees with Christianity that man is in a dilemma - but while Christianity blames this on sin, Buddhism blames it on "wrong action." Both religions teach suffering is the result of this sin or wrong action - but they differ in their view of how the problem can be resolved. 
Buddhism teaches that through meditation and right thinking, man can gain self- control and discipline and act right. Christianity teaches man is powerless to change himself but must depend wholly upon God. Our own efforts are futile. (Eph 2:9, "not by works." 

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