BibleQA - Animal Rights Discussion

Following are my responses to an email I received challenging me on my views regarding animal rights at 

> N. Desmond wrote:
> > Animals in circuses are abused...made to do 
> > unnatural things like standing on their heads, 
> > jumping through hoops of fire, standing on balls

Human clowns and circus actors perform the same acts. It's not abuse, but a display of physical talent and endurance.

> > all for the greed of circus heads and the 
> > amusement of the public. 

Human trapeze artists, clowns, and others in the circus perform "for the greed of circus heads." Doesn't make what they do immoral.

> > Tell me, please, why you can feel so lightly 
> > about a circus or carnival that would force a 
> > tiger or lion to jump through a hoop of fire, 
> > when naturally he would run from it in terror? 
So you're saying that learning to face our fears is not good? 
> > elephants are goaded with bull prods, beaten, 
> > chained
An elephant's skin is thick and tough - it does not feel the same as  humans.

> > stalling a tiger into a cage where he can't 
> > even take one step 
That is a temporary confinement. We "confine" our infants the same, when we place them in a car seat. 

> > Animals go literally mad from their 
> > surroundings. 

How do you know this? Have you talked with them?
> > They often die sick and alone. 
So do many elderly humans. Do you visit them in nursing homes where they are dropped off an forgotten? Why don't you protest their 

> > don't beat it or harm in any way! Love and 
> > care for it. It is a living being. 
So is the AIDS virus, as well as bacteria, "a living being." As are vegetables, fruit, trees... Do you protest their being destroyed, 
or killed, etc.?

> > I am very adamant and thoroughly support 
> > any animal rights activists. 
Even those who kill humans (i.e., hunters) in protest against treatment of animals?

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