Following are the title page and sample pages scanned from a 1954 Roman Catholic Companion to the Missal (prayer book).


Note the description of the Mass as a "sacrifice."

Remember what the Book of Hebrews says about the continual offering of sacrifices, "which can never take away sin"? how the priests stand "daily" at the altar, offering sacrifices?

Hebrews makes it clear that the work of Jesus on the cross put an end to the need for such sacrifices.

Note the following, from the sample pages on the right:

Mary is "the glory of Jerusalem (the Church)"? (para 1) What about Jesus?

The Church looks "to thee (Mary) alone for help and deliverance"? (para 1) What about Jesus?

"the vestibule of heaven just before our Lady's bodily assumption"? (para 2) Why is "Lady" capitalized? She isn't deity, is she?

"join with the chorus of all the heavenly court welcoming home their Queen. For the entire 'host of angels (and all the redeemed) rejoices' in her triumph and just award"? (para 3)  Jesus is the King of Heaven. He is the redeemer and victorious warrior.

"From this dazzling scene of our Lady's Assumption the Gospel gives us a flashback..." ? (para 4) The "Assumption" is no where mentioned in any of the gospel accounts!

"to show how she merited these singular honors now bestowed on her"? (para 4) SHE merited? SINGULAR honors bestowed on HER? Not in the Bible!

[I could give dozens more examples. This is just a small sample.]


"spouse of the Holy Ghost"?


[I could give dozens more examples. This is just a small sample.]

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