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'Tearing down' the Catholic Church on the Internet?

Question: Diane, I'm sorry you felt you had to leave the Catholic Church to find your personal God. I have no problem with that. If you finally found that relationship somewhere else, I'm happy for you. But I don't think you need to run down the Catholic Church. I also grew up Catholic, went through the same things you did. But I never turned my back on my faith, religion. I am a "born again" Catholic.

I have no problem with you finding your faith outside the Catholic Church, but I do resent the fact that you are tearing down the Catholic Church on the Internet.

Reply: Thanks for writing and allowing me the opportunity here to clear up your misunderstanding. Another person visiting my site also wrote me some time back, expressing similar concerns.

The word "apologetics" (the section of my site where I placed the pages on Catholicism), as defined by Webster, is the "systematic argumentative discourse in defense, as of a doctrine."

My Apologetics section simply compares, systematically, the teachings/writings of various religions with the teachings/writings of Scripture. Except for my personal testimony on the main page, all topics it links to (the Mass, priesthood, The Eucharist, Mary, praying to the saints, purgatory, statues, the papacy, tradition, means of salvation, Holydays, Celibacy, Penance, etc. contain no commentary, but simply two columns comparing the teachings of man and what God says in the Bible. I don't "run down" the Catholic Church in any way, as you suggest, but quote each source and leave the conclusion to the reader.

I have good friends in the Catholic Church who love God. I understand where they are, because I have been there. We have never argued about religion.

In all this, we must remember that Love is the ultimate commandment ("the royal law," as scripture says), and a person can have all their doctrine right and still be wrong in how they treat others, if they are un-Christian or unloving in their attitude toward others.

I am not like some who stir up hatred and strife. I think you might have misunderstood me before, and hope you have gotten to "know" me a little better now.

Glad we got the chance to "talk" here. Perhaps if you go back to my site again and re-examine its contents after "hearing me out," the tone and intent of the material presented there will not be as disturbing.

May God bless you and draw you near to His side.

Diane Dew

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