Q. What biblical basis exists for being ‘slain in the spirit' ('going out under the power')? Some ministers lay hands on people and they fall to the ground?
Close examination of the FEW times in Scripture (see table) in which this phenomenon occurred, indicate:

1) It was not a sought-after experience. (Today many go forward after a meeting for the very purpose of being slain; the altar call is often even presented as such.)

2) It was not a common experience. (Today many stand in line – expecting to fall.) It occurred only rarely, i.e, when an individual saw the glory of God.

3) No human administered/imparted it. (It was not received during a "laying on of hands" session by anyone!)

4) The individual FELL ON HIS FACE – not fell backwards. (There were no "catchers"!)

5) The experience occurred when the person was ALONE with God – not in front of a group of people.

6) When they were "down" (or "out"), they received either visions of the last days, prophecies, or SAW GOD God face to face.

Genesis 15:12 "...A DEEP SLEEP FELL upon Abram... And God said to Abram..."

Genesis 17:1, 3 "The Lord appeared to Abraham... and Abraham FELL ON HIS FACE, and God talked with him..."

2 Chronicles 5:13, 14 "... then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the Lord; so that the priests COULD NOT STAND to minister by reason of the cloud: for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God."

Daniel 8:17 "And it came about when I, Daniel, had seen the vision... I heard the voice... So he came near... I was frightened and FELL ON MY FACE... Now while he was talking with me, I sank into a deep sleep with MY FACE TO THE GROUND..."

Daniel 10:8, 9 "So I was left ALONE and saw this great vision; yet no strength was left in me, for my natural color turned to a deathly pallor, and I retained no strength. But I heard the sound of his words; and... I fell into a deep sleep ON MY FACE, with MY FACE TO THE GROUND."

Ezekiel 1:28 "...the likeness of the glory of the Lord. When I saw it, I FELL FACEDOWN, and I heard the voice of one speaking."

Ezekiel 3:22, 23 "The hand of the Lord was upon me there, and he said to me, '...I will speak to you.' ...And the glory of the Lord was standing there..., and I FELL FACEDOWN."

Ezekiel 43:1-7, esp. 3 "...behold, the glory of the God of Israel... His voice... and the earth shone with his glory... like the vision which I saw by the river Chebar; and I FELL ON MY FACE..."

Ezekiel 44:4, 5 "...behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord, and I FELL ON MY FACE. And the Lord said to me..."

Revelation 1:17 "When I saw him, I FELL AT HIS FEET AS THOUGH DEAD.... [Note: This is probably the source of the phrase 'slain in the spirit.']