Q. If Sunday is to be the day of rest, why do you have to get up early, get all gussied up, and spend a few hours listening to someone talk and be forced to stand, sit, stand, kneel, stand, give money, sing? Why can't you sleep in and not take a shower and be lazy? I never really got why "the church" got upset if you just stayed home and relaxed on your day of rest.

A. There's the first problem: The phrase "have to." Those who love the Lord don't worship because they "have to" - it flows from a heart of love and gratitude. 

Those who know and love the Lord are not "forced" to do anything. They are free to obey, and free to rebel. Those who love the Lord have a *desire* to hear His Word. Anyone who lacks that desire has a serious spiritual problem.

Those who love the Lord don't just "go through the motions." Their *heart* is in their service of Almighty God. Anything else is simply empty ritualism - to him/her as well as to God. S/he may as well just sleep in. 

The real problem here lies much deeper than wanting to "sleep in" on Sunday mornings. It indicates a spiritual laziness / apathy.

Sounds like this person is already in a state of spiritual slumber. S/he may as well stay home - and stop being a hypocrite