of God's Love & Grace

.Wrong Number? or Divine Appointment?  by Diane Dew
You never know when an apparent mistake or coincidence might be, in fact, a divine appointment.

Faith of a Little Child  by Diane Dew
‘I admit, when we got really specific in our prayer request,
I feared my little boy's faith might be shattered if God did not come through.'

Escape from Rape  by Diane Dew
'I was just 16 when I learned the meaning of the word ..."

A Love I Could Not Deny  by Diane Dew
How one teen overcame suicide through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It's a Child, Not a Choice    by Diane Dew
Unemployed, uninsured, evicted, totally broke, trapped in an abusive relationship ...
Still, abortion was still no option. A message of faith, on trusting God when eveything seems to go wrong.

'Consider the Lilies ' (Your Father Knows)  by Diane Dew
Filled with the faith of a new believer, I believed without question the Scripture:
"My God shall supply all your need...." I just didn't realize how miraculously the answer would come.

Snowstorm in the High Sierras  by David F. Calderon II
It was a harsh winter. Sales in the area had dropped off in November, and payday was weeks away.
With a child and no food in the house, I wondered how we would survive. Then came the storm.

What a Cheap Way to Go!  by David F. Calderon II
As the windshield exploded, the impact of the other vehicle sent the the stick shift through my leg.
My shoulder, ribs, wrist, and leg were broken; I couldn't breathe. My punctured lung
was filling up with blood. My brain was hemorrhaging.... I had glass in my eyes and mouth.
... I knew I was dying. Then something in me said, ‘What a cheap way to go!'

'O Death, where is thy sting?'   by David F. Calderon II
Life does not have to end in the grave. The grave can only be the beginning.

His Only Son: David's Story  by Diane Dew
"I will not close this service," he insisted, "until this person comes forward.
For someone here this will be the last chance." With words of knowledge that only the Spirit could
have revealed, he continued: "I've called you before. I will not call you again ..."

Home Street Home   by Diane Dew
The true story of how faith in God can carry us through every situation:
unemployment, poverty, rejection of family and friends, even homelessness.