Milwaukee Journal fires secretary for pro-life position

Following are some of the articles regarding my firing at The Milwaukee Journal (for refusing to sign a statement I'd never again write about or speak to a woman about abortion, even one-on-one, on my off-hours). The story was covered in trade magazines and newspapers, on the talk show circuit (Washington, D.C., Dallas, etc.) and TV, by editorial writers (Cal Thomas, etc.) and, of course, in the pro-life and Christian media. The Milwaukee Journal made a further display of its bias by delaying publication of the story until compelled to report it, when other media picked up the story via the Associated Press (AP wire). A complete account of the story from my own perspective is available online at  

--Diane Dew

Trade periodicals:

James Romenesko, "Secretary fired for refusing to stop pro-choice activities," Editor and Publisher, 30 September 1989, p. 18.

"Anti-abortionist activist settles dispute," Presstime, March 1990, p. 58.

"Settlement reached in dispute with receptionist," Editor and Publisher, 23 December 1989, p. 23.

Consumer publications:

Joseph Farah, "News typist, 'aborted' by her paper for pro-life work, files job-bias suit," New York City Tribune, 27 September, 1989, p. 1.

"Abortion foe wins action against paper," Chicago Tribune, 6 December 1989, p. 14, sec. 1.

Cal Thomas, "Journalists' advocacy undercuts public's faith," The Milwaukee Journal, 15 October 1989, p. 5J.

Anne Waukau, "Clergyman criticizes local media," Milwaukee Sentinel, 24 January 1990, part 1, page 11.

Dave Zwifel, "Milwaukee Journal makes all us news people look bad," The Capital Times, 6 November 1989, p. 12.

James Romenesko, "Can a secretary picket?" Milwaukee Magazine, September 1989, p. 19.

Joseph Farah, "Newspaper fires pro-life worker," Charisma, December 1989, p. 20.

"Paper settles with fired protester," Moody Monthly, 1990, p. 64.

David E. Umhoefer and Jim Stingl, "400 protest Journal's firing of activist against abortion," The Waukesha Journal, 31 October 1989, p. 4B.

Sig Gissler, "Drawing ethical lines involves tough choices," The Milwaukee Journal, 1 October 1989, p. 4J.

Sig Gissler, "Donation proves troublesome," The Milwaukee Journal, 31 October 1989.

"Fired worker files bias complaint," The Milwaukee Journal, 27 September 1989, p. 58.

"400 demonstrators demand that Journal rehire secretary," Milwaukee Sentinel, 31 October 1989, part 1, page 9.

"March to protest firing at Journal," The Milwaukee Journal, 27 October 1989, p. 4B.

"Settlement seen in job complaint," Milwaukee Sentinel, 5 December 1989, p. 4, part 1.

Milwaukee Sentinel, October 27, 1989.

Todd Ackerman. "Prolife Secretary, Canned By Milwaukee Daily, to Sue." National Catholic Register, September 17, 1989, page 1.

Cynthia McKnight. "Milwaukee Journal Editor's Pro-Abortion Hypocrisy." National Right to Life News, November 2, 1989, page 5.

David Shaw. Five-part Los Angeles Times series on the pro-abortion bias of the news media. July 1, 1990, "Abortion Bias Seeps Into News." July 2, 1990, "Abortion Foes Stereotyped, Some in the Media Believe." July 3, 1990. "'Rally for Life' Coverage Evokes an Editor's Anger." July 4, 1990, "Can Women Reporters Write Objectively on Abortion Issue?," and "'Abortion Hype' Pervaded Media After Webster Case." This series, originally available from the Los Angeles Times in booklet form, can now be ordered from American Life League, P.O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22554, for $5.00.

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