"I like your page a lot; it really helps me relax when I get home from school and then I can concentrate on my homework.The first thing I do when I get home is get on your web page."

Subj: Fasting Article
From: cenright@ABSBC.ORG

I read your article "Fasting: A Study in the Scriptures" through the web site. I just wanted to thank you for writing such an informative and comprehensive study using Scripture as the main focus!

Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and research, your time, and your insight.

Chris Enright
Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

From: (Steve)
Subj: Thanks for info

Thanks for your Web site listing funders of Planned Parenthood. I am pleased to see that these organizations and companies support such a valuable resource for women's health....

By the way, cute photo of you at -- and as a journalist, if your report of the circumstances is accurate, I agree that your employer was entirely unjustified in firing you for refusing to sign that statement. I only wish you had gone to mainstream legal counsel instead of the pro-life movement for support, because the issue could have been cast as a First Amendment issue of concern to all Americans, not a pro-life cause of greater concern to conservatives. Your boss would have been wrong to demand you forego your free-speech/association rights over ANY public policy or other issue. My guess is that the ACLU would have taken your case, which would have driven the point home, since ACLU also defends abortion rights -- and would have been a bigger slap in the face of the newspaper. Best wishes.


REPLY: Those who fund Planned Parenthood support the largest abortion provider in the world - and will stand before God one day to answer for the millions of lives lost with that blood money.

Subject: Some Christian you are!

How convenient for you to profit from your ridiculous self righteous, not to mention small, ideas. Where does this money go? Do you feed the hungry? Help the homeless? Put it towards some ridiculous abortion bumper sticker for your mini van? Or gee do you pocket the money diane?

REPLY: What money are you talking about? My books are available at cost (printing plus postage) -- a ministry (gift) to the body of Christ, not a for-profit endeavor. Yes, I "feed the hungry" and "help the homeless," -- even lived at homeless shelter myself for awhile, during my son's cancer treatments. And no, I don't have a "mini van," but a rusty old clunker the transmission's about to go on -- it was free, given to me so I could get to my daily radiation treatments -- yes, my son and I both have had cancer, in the past couple years. I have no savings account, never owned a home. I've been a single mom for over 20 years (not eligible for government freebies). I don't know why the tone of your E-mail is so offensive -- I can only imagine you are very unhappy (despite your screen name, happyflowrgrl). You obviously don't know how much Jesus loves you. I understand your misery, though, because I was once there - before He gave me a reason to live. I pray you will find his peace and true joy and love.  -- Diane Dew

From: (Steve/Judy Ahern)

I just 'stumbled' into your site and must tell you that from the first thing that I read, know that YOU are a treasure!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU DEAR SISTER!!! I love the study on the second coming of Christ, and appreciate so much that you have been able to put in a very simple format what THE BIBLE says. In reading your format, THERE IS NO CONFUSION, just the facts!!! THANK YOU!!!

I live in Seattle and will probably never meet you, but when we get to be with the Lord, I'm going to look for you........I want to meet you for the simple fact that I feel so very close to you in spirit. I'm going to print out your study and wrap up in a quilt with my bible and notebook and SOAK for the rest of the afternoon, but I had to drop a line and say hi, and to say THANK YOU!!!!

From: (Bob McCloud, Engineering)
Subj: Jehovah's Witnesses pages

I just wanted to thank you for your website. I work at a place where the Watchtower has a strong presence. I know some of the Scripture that proves the deity of Jesus, but the information on your website is a treasure. I have been witnessing to two of friends here who have not found Christ, and the Scripture references on your site will help me put on more of God's armor, so that I will be better prepared to answer some of the questions those friends have asked concerning the Watchtower.

I thank you with a glad heart and praise our Lord for your good work! Until we meet on that Great Day, I pray for your continued strength in the race that we run. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ guide you always.

Subj: Incredible!

Dear Diane,
I've just stumbled onto your website and I and blown away by your faithfulness and dedication to God's word. I thought I was a teacher of the Word, and you have knocked me off the map. The way you clearly and understandably sort out God's word on all these subjects is nothing short of inspired!

Did you do all this research yourself? I looked everywhere for a biblical treatise on Christians and drinking. The only place in the entire web who dealt with this in the Biblical sense was you. God bless you. Our prayers are with you and we pray for God's best for your life. You are a female Walter Martin. You have a gift for professing God's word. You take the hay out of the loft where the cows can reach it.

Thank you for your sacrifices and all the hard work you have done to make our jobs of reaching the lost that much easier. As soon as I can, I will order the complete collection of your commentaries. I will also recommend your website to all my fellow workers in Christ, this is a must have for any serious evangelist. Your coworker in Christ...

Gil Maza

Subj: Roman Catholicism in the Light of Scripture
From: (Randy Peterson)

Hi Diane:
Just wanted to let you know that I read your answer back to the Catholic who accused you of attacking the Catholic Church. I commend you on your response. I was in a similar situation at one time. My wife was raised Catholic (as a matter-of-fact, she had never been in a non-Catholic church ever until she was age 35). I told her that I could never be Catholic (and that I did not want our daughter to be raised Catholic, because that I felt there were too many wrong teachings in their faith that was not Biblical. Of course, I never expected her to just accept my feelings on this, but was glad that she was open to allow God to use me to show her examples of God's Word vs. what the Catholic church teaches. I'm happy to announce that we are happily involved in a non-denominational Christian Church where God's Word rules!!! Your page is a wonderful site to visit, and I commend you again for a job well done in lifting up God's truth!!! May God continue to use you in a mighty way, and bless you always!!!

With Christian love, Randy

Subj: Grateful
From: (JY)

Hi Diane... I'm thankful to God and you how you overcome of such things like depression. I only just read your article regarding on "Depression: A Study in the Scriptures". What I like most is that it is all related to the scriptures and how you going to overcome depression by the Word of God. It is the perfect prescription for having a depression.

I tell you frankly, it really helped me alot and I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you. I also had gone with depression and I learned something from you. And I felt better now. I am now encouraged because of your good reliance with the Word of God. Keep it up and who knows... maybe there are people will be needing you help.

Jun Yasay
from Cebu, Philippines

From: (Patrick B. Gibbons IV)

Diane, I thank God for you, for your faith is evident and shines as a beacon to the lost! I was just checking out your most glorious Thanksgiving dig into God's wonderful word... and rejoicing!

... regarding the attack you are under (you are worthy of attack; you woman of God - you are a threat to the enemy!) You continue in my prayers - that you are given His strength and peace in your challenges. ....

In His awesome love, Pat
Acts 20:24; Lam 3:19-26

Subj: Re: Loneliness
From: (pearlie lubin)

I wanted to thank you for your outline on loneliness. You have no idea how much that it has ministered to me. I have been feeling so alone these past 2 weeks. ... I have read your outline a couple times and prayed. I then determined to not let this cloud get the best of me. I tried to think of others. It helped a little. I still feel alone, but it is not as painful as the past few weeks. I confessed my feelings to the Lord. God heard me...

I thank you for calming the overwhelming wave of aloneness I felt and showing me a biblical perspective on the matter.

Peace to a saint,

Subject: Your Job or Your Beliefs: What if You Really HAD to Choose?

God bless you for taking a stand! Your crown awaits you in heaven!

Subject: Awesome site (Intercession bible study)

I have email you before, but I had not been to all your sites. You are such a blessing to us on the net. Your site is such a great mission. Thank you and May God Bless You for leading some of us to Christ on the Net. Thanks is not enough, but I don't have the words to express my appreciation. Have received so much encouragement from you. In Jesus Christ love to you,

Reba Criner

Subject: from my heart to yours

I really love your website. You have a lot of great articles. Your testimony is awesome. As a teenager you and I were a lot alike. So, it ministered to me in a special way. God Bless, Carol


Hi there,
I visited your web site and absolutely love it! You have done such a wonderful job with all the inspirational sites you offer--please keep up the good work. I greatly enjoyed the story about the wrong number--a friend sent it to me with a link to your page. I would love to be added to your mailing list .... Thanks for sharing the warmth of your heart with us! DJ

From: "Rhea Lumsden" <>

Your web site is the most awesome place! I'm gong to do some of the studies. Thank you. Rhea Lumsden, Somonauk, IL

Subj: Congratulations

Your website,, has been selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers.

You will be able to view it in our Family Science:Teen Pregnancy section very soon.

StudyWeb is one of the Internet's premier sites for educational resources for students and teachers. Since 1996, our expert reviewers have scoured the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included in StudyWeb's listing of educational links. Each site in StudyWeb includes a detailed review describing its editorial and visual merits. If you are unfamiliar with StudyWeb, please check us out at:

... We invite you to display the prestigious 'StudyWeb Excellence Award' icon, which is only offered to sites included in the StudyWeb directory. It is available at:

Thanks -- and again, congratulations!

The StudyWeb Editing Team


I am very blessed by your web site and pray that the Lord touches and heals Diane and her son....we need this family and their testimony, teaching and spiritual help to the Body of Christ more than ever before and ask the Father to divinely heal them .. to be here for so many.... In Jesus precious name, vivian

Subject: Halloween v. Scripture

Dear Diane:
... here is (from first appearances) one of the neatest web sites I've seen yet. My friend and I are both excited about "exploring" your web site!

On the matter of your cancer; my friend I was on the phone with and 2 other friends and I meet twice weekly.... We will be praying for both you and your son. God bless you richly!!!

Love in Christ,
Teri Jean Clark

Subject: cost for your 75 bound bible studies

Greetings: My name is Pastor Price, I would greatly appreciate the cost for your printed Bible studies. I enjoy your depth and scriptural knowledge.

Diane I just want to thank you for all your resources on your web-site. I am a volunteer on the county jail. I assist the chaplain holding 2 services on Sundays. I use a lot of your material for my teachings, and we are very grateful for it. Thank you, and God Bless you

Cathy Von Sivers
Merced, CA

Subj: THANK YOU !!!!! (Loneliness)
From: (Mary Venable)

For having the courage to put this site on the web. A unsaved friend e-mailed me about this site because her son had printed the subject on Loneliness. She can't stand for him to have anything to do with Christiany and ask me to tell her what I thought about this site. She thinks it is bad for her son to be dwelling on God's word and anyone who is a christian. Thanks to her I have found a new web site to share with other friends.

Keep up all the good work you are doing and I will do my best to keep you in my prayers and spread the word about this site. Til we meet in HEAVEN!!!!!

Mary Venable


Hi Diane,
I am so impressed with your site. I am interested in all your bible studies. I have copied a few and read them on the bus on the way to work. They are wonderful. Thank you for making them available. I would like to know how much it is to buy a set as you mentioned. Thanks again. Linda

Subj: Backsliding article
From: (Aaron Dubester)

Dear Diane,
I've been browsing through your website and I believe that the Lord has blessed you with many gifts in delivering The Word to thousands everywhere. I've been a backslider and now want to come back to Jesus. Again, what you are doing is wonderful - God bless you.

From: (Larry Suggs)

Dear Mrs. Dew,

I just had to write you and thank you for your wonderful website. It took my husband a long time to talk me into having a computer much less go on the internet. I thought all that was on the internet was nasty and I feared it. But what beautiful wonderful Bible Studies I have found here, oh I know there is ugly things around but only if you go looking.

I am a homemaker and I sure enjoy having time to look for good things for my grandchildren to see and do. Again thank you.

God Bless you.
Larry and/or Trudy Suggs


Dear Diane,
This is one of the most excellent biblical web pages that I have come across since I have been on the internet.

Subj: Fasting

My name is Sue McBride. I teach new converts. I am teaching a lesson on fasting, and our church is also fasting. If possible, may I make copies of this lesson.... Thank you,



Hi Diane.

I wanted to compliment you on your site. I spent much time there today and enjoyed it very much. Thank you so much.

Subj:  Faith of a Little Child

Hi Diane!
First of all...THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful story with me, not to mention all the other nuggets I came across on your website. I feel like someone that just stumbled upon a treasure, while scoping out a cave! lol

The reason I am writing is because of something that happened this morning. I thought it might interest you. I am married, with four sons, ranging from 2 to 14. I was sifting through my mail this morning, and came across this letter. As I opened the site, and read the story about the green trike, it made me think of the various times MY sons walked in that type of faith. It didn't occur to me that it was about happen again so soon!

Just as I finished the story, and began to feed my curiousity with all the other "link choices" on your site, my son Joseph, ( 8 ) came into the room, apparently stressed. Joseph HATES bad weather, and we have had a lot of it since the wee hours of the morning. He gets this real concerned look every time he hears a thunder clap...and sometimes he buries his head in his pillow til it is gone.

He came up to the puter and asked me to ask God to make the thunder and lightening stop. Well, I remembered reading the forecast, and according to the weatherman...(who is NEVER it was supposed to be this way all day. But, realizing the past record with Joseph's faith...( which is oughta see this critter pray! It's like he has this direct line to God, that most of us strive for in a lifetime! ), I cuddled him into my bosom, and prayed with him. But, I have to admit, in my natural mind, it seemed like a tall order. I figured that we would just have to "ride it out." Well, after the prayer, he went his merry way, looking more peaceful than when he came.

So, I continued to surf your storehouse, and after about an hour, it hit me... No thunder. In fact, there wasn't a single clap since our prayer. That was about 10 am this morning.. It is 12:17 now, and still no thunder, despite the continual succession that was taking place BEFORE the prayer.

<Sigh> We sure have a lot to learn from those lil guys, huh? Thank you, Diane, for the story and for the gentle reminder, that it takes the faith of a child to know what it is really like to pray and believe.

In Christ!!

Carol Skipper

Subject: Poverty and Homelessness

Dear Diane: Just a note from a missionary living near the border of Matamoros Mexico who has a ministry of preaching God's Word and physically feeding people who work a in the dump of Mexico and who live in pallets, cardboard or whatever they can scrounge. Your web site is a wonderful source of information and I commend you and thank God for all your hard labour for His Kingdom. Pray for me as the work and need is more than I can bear sometimes.

God bless, Bro. Mark


This is a wonderful place to visit. Your story is so touching, so very real. I'm happy in Christ with you. Take care of yourself. Marcia


Diane, I received your web page from a friend and was particularly interested in the angels page where you listed questions and Bible verses to back up the answers. Do you have a copy of this one study or is it a part of a package? Could you also give me a list of all that is contained in your 75 topic, 600+page, 5 volume study? I might be interested in purchasing this set. Also, I would like to know the cost.

I have been doing some reading and studying of my own on angels and find it quite fascinating.

Thank you, Nora C.

From: (William Cisowski)

Dear Diane: Praise Jesus. I really like your page. I've read it for a long while, about a year and a half.... I like your articles because they are all scripture and all solid. You've partly inspired me to get going with my own page ... which I've recommended you with a link. I can tell when "it's just another webpage" and when somebody is speaking from their heart.


Subject: Testimony

wow what a testamoney that was... i did not trust a soul until i gave my life to Jesus that day was the best day of mmy life... i have come a long way & i am now a youth leader & a very differnt person i love people i have been to Mexico 2 times on a mission trip & i am going to Brazil in Aug. God is a mircale worker.Your story was so good thanks for sharing I pray that He uses you like you never image! He is your Daddy & He does love you & longs for you to crawl on His Lap & let Him hold you in His arms of true LOVE & ACCEPTANCE! Have a Grr8 day & thank you for being strong in Father & being such a blessing to me.


Hi Diane,

Your site is great it really touched me and your testimony really was a wonderful one alot like my own life with the loneliness thanks for this site God Bless you and ... thanks again..



Hi, my name is Michelle and I did a search for things about the Backslidden and found your site. I have a real heart for the backslidden and am trying to find as much reference and inforamation/studies about it.

What I was wondering is... I live in Perth Australia and want to get a copy of your study..The backslider in heart. Or the set of Spiritual Warfare. Can I somehow have it mailed to me and can I send a cheque or something. I don't know how it works to have things sent to Australia.

I would really love it. I have found about 3 other studies or sermons about it, but your one is really in depth and I would love a copy of it.

Michelle Atkins
Leeming, Perth, Western Australia

Hope to hear from you really soon

Subj: Request re Cost in U.K.
From: (Martin Strain)

Dear Diane,

I enjoyed reading your article on backslidding. WellI didnt enjoy it, as it applies to me. I wonder could you possibly work out a costing to post same to me and let me know the cost by this means. Many thanks for your help.


Subj: Holiness
From: (Murray and Karen Golder)
Reply-to: (Murray and Karen Golder)

Dear Diane,

You don't know me, but I just happened to stumble upon your page on Holiness looking for inspiration. Thank you for a clear and biblicly backed description of holiness.

As I use some of your studies as well as my own when I preach I am thankful for what you have given. May God bless you and grant you His righteousness and holiness in this life.

Yours in Him

Murray Golder


I am a male 39 in California . I am saved..........Jesus payed it on the cross. The past few years i have been struggling with loneliness.......and it has begun to destroy me by taking my eyes off of Jesus.

I found your site and was deeply touched. I thank God for has made a change in my life.


Subj: spiral studies
From: (Toni Braat)

Dear Diane,
I just came across your site and think it is the best.I am a Mother of Four and I am home schooling and would like a copy of all your studies please send me the amount I need to send to you I would like to get these as soon as possible to start a bible class for home school I am so excited !!!!!!!!!!! Thank You So Much

God Bless You
Toni Braat

Subj: your web page

This is really a wonderful answer to prayer. I've wanted something to look and read when I need to be uplifted and this fits the bill. I will pray that somewhere along the way God will lead someone to me who needs to hear these words, that will change their mind about committing suicide.

God bless you and keep you true.

Shawn Norris

Subj: Cost of Materials
From: (ralph bauer)

Dear Diane Dew,
I saw your web page and noticed that you said your material is available at cost. I am a missionary in Trinidad, W.I. and am wondering what the price is for all the outlines on the web page.

Thank much, Sincerely Yours,
Ralph Bauer

Subj: Nice site

Wow, you've compiled an awesome site!


From: (Frances Carroll)

Good morning Diane. I have been sitting here enjoying the music and your writings. What does a set you your Studies cost? Let me know ad I'll start gathering up some money and send for them. If possible I would like to use them in the newsletter I do for my church as a gift I do for them.

Frances Carroll
Paducah, KY

Subj: Hi....Beautiful Website
From: Write 2

Not too often do I stumble across such a nice and inspirational website.

I certainly have seen many students in my life that reminded me of the way you described yourself in high school. You are certainly living a fulfilling life now, aren't you?

Well, just wanted to compliment you and wish you well.

Subj: Excellent site
From: (Warrior Richardson)

I've done a study of the scriptures dealing with music and am glad to have come across yours. Very interesting and very informative. I've bookmarked your site and am going to come back and look at it some more. In fact, I think I'm going to link your site to mine. Very nice....

Warrior Richardson


I was interested to read your testimony and reminded me of myself. Just wanted to encourage you because I am now 71 years young and the trust in Jesus gets sweeter every day and I feel so much better about myself now. Love you, Shirley

Subj: Re: Great Testimony
From: Jesus2mom@AOL.COM

Dear Diane:
I read your testimony. Wow, that was great. That brought back memories of my highschool days. My highschool was very clicky, I was a member of the nerd group. I did not fit into the athletic group, the creative group, nor the cheerleader group. I really want to tell you that I am glad that you listened to the voice of the Lord. I love Jesus too. I hate to think about where I would be without him. It is scary to think about it. I have been a Christian for 9 years, but really on-fire for him for almost 5 years. I want to thank you for boldly standing up for Jesus. I have some friends that live in Salem, WI. They love the Lord too. God bless you, Kelly Hunter

Subj: Your web site!!! Praise God
From: DJ

Thank God for a web site like yours, with that much scripture i could just spend hours there. I'm sure God would rather i log off and spend some time in his word instead, so thats what i will do. Come soon Lord Jesus...Your brother in Christ--Doug

Subj: Depression

I have read your is powerful - and put so eloquently....all glory to God!! ...

From: (Wood, Glenn)


I just visited your site for the first time and I wanted to thank you for sharing all of your research and studies. I have a co-worker who has been struggling with many of the issues you address. She is a single mother

Re: † He answered my prayer by NOT answering my prayer!

To: DianeDew

Thank you for sending me this wonderful testimony. I am in search of a job and didn't get the one I prayed for. I know that this is the reason why. And I also know that this was God sent. Thanks again.



I read your testamony last night, I must confess that I have looked at a few of your sights but I hadn't really read any of them in debth I have browsed a few things but I mostly looked at all the lights and animation and colors, music and stuff. last night I read your testamony and I thought you were talking about me. It all sounded so familliar I won't tell you everything but I am the youngest of fivr children and when I turned 15 my parents forgot my birthday. I have strugled with depression and thoughts of suiside for many years. When I was in highschool I went to bed almost every night with a knife to my stomach with the intent of killing myself. Every night Jesus talked me down and I lived one more day. He promised me that things would get better and they eventually did. I rarely ever have an episode anymore but I can really identify with your life. I am glad you have found the answer in Jesus. I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing. I am praying for you and your famliy and will continue to do so and if I can ever do anything else let me know

In Jesus Name
Carl Smith

Subj: Newcomer

Hello! I just discovered Diane's website and have enjoyed it now for 2 days. However, just now I went to one of the pages that said ... that Diane Dew had just been diagnosed with cancer. I was devastated ! Was that a recent diagnosis? How is she? I am so impressed with the website features that I have had a chance to investigate. Will she be getting treatment or was it in the early stages?

I would like to know more about Diane Dew and where I can find out more details----her age, her life up to this point etc etc.... I'm very eager to know all I can about her, she is SUCH AN INSPIRATION !!!!!!!

Thank you again and again for this wonderful website and for entering my life just when I needed you. My husband and I have just moved to a small town in Central Texas from Plano Texas. We had a wonderful, warm, loving caring Christian church there in Plano and for the 9 months we've been here we haven't found a church like that one.... so your website has really been a God send!!!! Thank you and I pray that you're alright!

So much love in Jesus,

Subj: WOW !!
From: (John Hartnett)

Hello Diane !
I wanted to make a quick comment about how wonderful I think your prayer web-site is. I praise God that you have made such a great contribution to the body of Christ with your web-site. I plan to visit it often and to pass it along to others I know will enjoy it.

John Hartnett

Subj: Your Material
From: (Hollis McGehee)

Dear Diane,

I have been truly blessed by what I have seen so far.

I am a state court judge covering four counties in SW Miss. I am very involved in a number of different types of ministries one of which is a daily devotional to many hundreds of people all over the world which has a prayer ministry built into the devotional. Your work in compiling and preparing scripural material on these subjects will be of great benefit to me and to many others and most importantly to helping us to meet Jesus in the Word and becoming more like Him.

I will order the bound information soon. Thanks again and if I can be of assistance to you please let me know.

In His Grip,

Hollis McGehee
Chancery Judge
Meadville, MS

p.s. I am right now addressing issues of the Trinity within my own church and then trying to answer a United Penecostal friend who believes in "Jesus Name Only" and that the trinity is a hoax of the third century to cover over a personal problem. The local church put an ad in the local paper offering a $1000 reward if anyone could prove the existence of the trinity. My discussion with him began before this offer and while I am surprised and disappointed they took such a tactic, I am still going to try to work to lovingly show the truth through God's Word. The "Jesus Name" issue is the single biggest issue this denomination seems to deal with, I have many friends there and I know what they are saying, primarily based only on Acts 2:38, but I don't agree.


Hello Diane,
I am soooooooooo impressed with your work, it is beyond my comprehension that you put that awesome site together without formal training. Must be the Holy Ghost. ...

Subj: What an awesome site!
From: (Bruce Halsey)

Hi Diane, my name is Andy West & I am a Youth Pastor with the The Salvation Army @ Southmount, Vancouver, Canada. Your site is a well of information & knowledge & boy am I glad I 'stumbled' upon you. I read with interest your section on the cults, this is a topic I am covering with my senior bible study at the moment & I have found it invaluable. Andy

Subj: Your testimony - suffering
From: (Barb Irwin)

Dear Diane,

Sister, I just stumbled on your site from the WJD webring list. You are a jewel in God's crown that is being polished. Suffering seems to be something that has drawn you to the heart of God. I look forward to reading more on your page. I was wondering if I could link specific articles to my page. I have a section on suffering's challenge and would like to link your testimony and that of your brother at least to that section. Before you answer, I know you'll want to see my webpage. Its address is

Thank you for sharing of yourself and what you have learned of our wonderful God. The Lord bless you richly with His presence this week.

Your sis in Christ,
Barb Irwin

Subj: studies
From: (Larry Broome)


I would like to have a copy of all these studies. The Lord has greatly blessed the body of Christ through your work in making these studies available as you have. The topics are very familiar to the body of Christ but to have them all together certainly is partaking of the fruit of your labor. I am a pastor of a Pentecostal Church and I believe the necessary action for today is to return to the basis principles of what God has said. We need to speak what God has spoken. We need to confess our position as it is stated in the Word of God. I will be in prayer for you concerning the cancer. Also I will give your name to our intercessory prayer group. May you be blessed in the name of the Lord. ... Diane we will continue to pray!

Larry Broome, Bristol, Fl.

Subject: abortion

Dear Mrs. Dew,

Hi! I am a teenager in Pittsburgh PA and I recently visited your web site. I thought it was wonderful! You are not only a servant of the Lord, but witnessing in His name a terror that is so real in today's society.

I have not even begun seriously dating yet, and don't really plan to for a while, so I have not been faced with anything like abortion. I go to a Christian High School where we talk about it a lot. It is something I've always felt strongly about. Have you ever read C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters?" I strongly recommend it. It is hard to explain in few words, but basically it talks about the devil tempting us through convenience.

I truly hope you are well, and doing fine. God speed in your future endeavors.

A. McLaughlin


I think you are doing a wonderful job exposing a lot of evils out there. Keep up the good work.

Subj: Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings Diane,
This day reminds me of my blessings from God. You are one of them. Thank you for being who you are and being faithful to pursue the Truth. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you abundantly. Have a joyous day!
Humbly submitted,

From: Jessika13
Subject: Suicide

"You will never realize how awesome I felt when I opened your web page and read your story. I have a story all of my own. I took a bunch of pills and spent a night in the hospital and a week in Charter. I had been a Christian since I was 6 but it never sunk in what being a Christian was. I had tons of head knowledge but it never connected to my heart."

From: MtnDewYUM

"I, too, was suicidal in high school. Jesus saved my life. Thanks for the encouraging story. I needed it today."


"Thank you for that story, it touched me deeply. I went through much the same things ... I sent this story to some of my other hurting friends, hoping it would help them get over the pain and turn to God."

Subject: Loneliness

"I am very touched with your testimony. I was reading several scriptures about loneliness ... I love the way God talks to us through people .... That night in Church the sermon was about loneliness. I felt like crying because I knew God was talking to me. He touched me very deep."

From: Ace042685

"I really love, and enjoyed your web page. I am 13 years old, and yesterday, I gave my life to the Lord, and now he is in control. It feels so good to know I have someone that loves and cares about me. My whole family is very religious, and I know they care about me a lot!! But, it is a greater love that I am feeling in my heart now. I believe that you did a very good thing by making that web page. It has helped me alot!"

From: Kikbox6

"I am 15, a Christian since I was 7.When I [read your story] I had just been in a huge fight with my parents. Reading your story made me realize that I don't know how good I have it. Two wonderful, Christian parents who love me. I know that God is really touching a lot of people with your story."

From: Mattbrod

"... your website.... helped me and a friend out... who thought of killing herself, because no one loved her... "


"I love your bible studies. That is exactly what I have been looking for. I have started a new relationship with God (or trying to) and I need bible studies. I have looked on the internet but can't find what I am looking for... Yours is great..."


"...your web site... was perfect! I just happened ;) to get an e-mail from a friend of mine (in the same bunch of e-mail!) saying how lonely he is. I sent him the article of yours on loneliness and some words of encouragment..."

From: (Carol Sue)

"Yesterday I used your 'loneliness' essay to share a part with a young married woman who is homesick. That part I shared was: 'We can choose to take advantage of our time alone and embrace it with a godly purpose..for uninterrupted prayer...' (and) 'It is alone, in our place of deepest need, when we can turn to none other, that God meets us.' I shared some Scriptures with her also...."


"I got your link just at a time in my life when I was thinking of taking my own life (yesterday).... your story is so much like mine... Please pray for a clear mind for me so I can find the same peace you have."

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